April 14, 2012

A Frustrating Game

As my brother and I took the drive from Northeast Philly down to Citizens Bank Park, I was wondering what exactly I should be looking for going into the game. While I am in no way whatsoever someone with scouting abilities, it is something that I find very interesting, so I like to try to look for the things that a scout may look for in a game, as I did on Opening Day with Freddy Galvis. However, once I saw that Our Hero Jim Thome was in the lineup, I just decided I would enjoy the game from a fans' perspective.

Jim Thome played such a big role in spurring my enthusiasm for baseball in the early-to-mid 2000s, which until that point had been behind football, and very possibly basketball. As you can tell, based on how I'm not writing about the Eagles or Sixers, baseball enthusiasm is alive and well in me these days, and I would like to thank Jim for that. Man, it was sweet to watch him bat in a Phillies' uniform again, even if he didn't hit any home runs, which I predicted every time he came up.

But I was not treated to a particularly enjoyable game from a Phillies perspective. Cliff Lee spotted the Mets three in the first inning which featured a Jason Bay home run. I could not tell from my vantage point in the 400 level where the ball was located, but I assume he was just trying to get a strike over in the first pitch of the at-bat. However, after that rough first inning, he settled down, allowing only one run afterwards to turn in a pretty solid performance, though not one we were expecting from one of the three aces.

His HR/FB%, at 25% is ridiculously high, but xFIP, which normalizes that rate to league average, has him with a very Lee-esque 2.51. It appears to me that he has had problems with his control early in his two starts, and because he detests the base-on-balls he may have been grooving in some pitches to try to get strikes. There should be no concern with him, as he's probably just working off a little rust.

The Phils' first run came off Freddy Galvis' first career home run. So in terms of career milestones, I've seen his first hit, RBI, and home run in person. I must be his good luck charm. But with his 1-to-4 BB/K ratio and .207 ISO, Freddy Galvis' line resembles that of a power hitter more than a light-hitting slick-fielding infielder. Who would have thought Galvis' first home run would come before Thome's? The beginning of the season is funny like that.

The Phillies had eleven hits, which would usually get you more than just one earned run (and one hilarious unearned run), but with 11 Ks, the Phillies offense could not produce enough to get out of the first inning hole. It is frustrating to see so many hits and very few runs, but such is life. 

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